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Managed IT Solutions for your Ministry

A La Carte IT
Many of the managed IT services offered by CompuSolutionX are available a la carte. We’ll work closely with you to make sure your particular needs are met.

CompuSolutinX also offers a host of other IT services. Read more about our like remote backup & disaster recovery, web design, and professional services.

We Offer Total IT Management for Businesses in Every Industry

Managing IT systems for a church comes with a unique set of challenges that not all service providers are able to overcome. CompuSolutionX is not one of them. Over the years our engineers have spent years serving a diverse range of services besides churches and the experience has only made them intimately familiar with issues that can compromise a network’s infrastructure.

Our mission is to solve said issues for pastors and church staff members, thus giving them ample time to devote themselves to worshippers and church visitors in Houston. This approach has allowed us to work with our ecclesiastical clients in their efforts to expand their services in the service of God.

CompuSolutionX will work with you along with your church staff to prepare an IT budget that can sustain your church on an annual basis. This includes providing the technology needed that can simplify complex procedures and streamline them to increase productivity. We can also replace outdated technology with modern equivalents that can aid value to your service and in a manner that will not surpass your budget.

With CompuSolutionX, you can rest assured that your church will receive expert evaluation and managed IT solutions that can take care of all of your technological needs and ensure seamless productivity at the same time. The solutions we will come up with will focus on reducing burden on management by optimizing processes that can result in a robust IT infrastructure. This also includes re-designing your website to make it more responsive and user friendly for users.

Allow us to make the journey to the Lord a bit easier for your visitors by fortifying and streamlining your IT operations to ensure a smooth service every day. We can do this via:

Backup services – Allow us to handle your network while you focus on improving your service and church. We will backup your web security and servers so you can breathe a sigh of relief

User Support – We offer around the clock customer service so you can rest easy knowing any and all network issues will be taken care of in a timely manner. 24/7 monitoring also allows us to nip network issues in the bud thus increasing productivity and saving costs.

Quick On-site Response – No need to delay a service just because your systems refuse to work. Our uniformed and experienced technicians will be on site when you need them.


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