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According to the latest studies, website visitors spend less than 8 seconds on most sites they visit. This means yours has only a few precious seconds to entice them into staying and conveying who you are, what you do, and what you can offer them that can make their visit worthwhile. At CompuSolutionX, our aim is to create websites that can help you meet all three goals along with online marketing solutions that promise results.

We know that there is more to web design and development than just looks. Our consultants and technicians can inject new life into your branding strategies, attract more users, increase your conversion rate, and unlock new sales channels.

What most people do not realize that a website is more than an online representation of their business. We believe that it has the potential to generate more money for any business, and in Houston, we are the obvious choice for tools that can help you achieve that aim. Whether you want to attract more visitors to a sermon, or safeguard critical client data in your legal practice or a healthcare agency, CompuSolutionX will partner with you to increase your online exposure.

What we Offer

Today, a website is considered to be one of the main components of a successful marketing plan. Think about it. It is the port of call for users who are interested in buying what you are offering, so it stands to reason that it should be as user friendly and attractive as possible to retain them. However, modern day users rarely have the patience or the time to remain on a site that does not give them what they need in the first few seconds of their visit. Plus, most arrive on sites that are connected to social media which is bad news for those that do not have a presence there.

At CompuSolutionX, we will use these resources as leverage to boost your online reputation besides updating your website to remain current with the times. This includes bespoke web designs created by our very own in-house designers who have the experience to create aesthetically pleasing and productive sites that can decrease bounce rates. Each finished website can also be made mobile friendly/responsive to cater to users who rely on smart and mobile devices and we can also offer web strategies that can help you get ahead of competing businesses online and off.

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