CrashPlan is the private and public cloud backup solution designed to grow with your business. Just set it and get at it–no limits.

  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Back up any device, anywhere
  • Automatic and silent Self-service restore
  • Shorten time to recovery
  • Recover from ransomware
  • Keep encryption keys

Your Endpoint Security Strategy Starts with Backup

Endpoint data protection is an essential and fundamental cyber security investment in an era of the inevitable breach. By centralizing all end-user data on a single platform, enterprises get full visibility and control, and the ability to detect, respond and remediate following data incidents.

No barriers, just backup!

Backup is only as good as the ability to restore. We've partnered with CrashPlan, and can help restore your data anywhere, at any time, to any device, with no limits on file type, size or version. This is real-world backup, perfectly suited to your business, because work happens everywhere.

Choose to deploy 100% on-premises in a private cloud, in the cloud or anywhere in-between via hybrid cloud. Our solution lets you keep encryption keys on-premises to meet the most demanding data security and compliance requirements. This is a requirement for home health agencies.

Crashplan Enterprise

Offsite Backup

With our disaster recovery and back up services help, you can make sure that your business is sturdy, strong and able to weather every element.

When running a business, everyone feels like they have planned for everything but there is often one little detail that they seem to miss out on, creating a back up for their business. More specifically, they forget to make room for a disaster recovery plan or a back up plan in their business plan.

While you might think it’s a rare mistake, this is one of the most commonest mistakes that businesses make with over 30% businesses having a data back up plan which is reliable. In many cases, that data back up plan is not up to par with the latest practices and can get damaged. If that happens, the data irretrievable which shows that an estimated 70% of medium or small businesses suffer from loss of data.

The numbers for business that utilize disaster recovery backups are even lower. Disaster risks refer to occurrences where earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and other natural disasters might easily wreak havoc and disrupt your business permanently if you have no proper measures up to prevent that from happening. Businesses that undergo unforeseen loss of data can end up having to close up shop within two years of losing said data.

What We Do

With CompuSolutionX’s help, you can be prepared against both those situations. Whether you’re looking for disaster recovery solutions or just looking for a simple backup, our disaster recovery and back up solutions have something for everyone. We provide you with long term permanent and safe back up options that enable you to rest easy knowing that your data is secure with us.

Or disaster recovery and backup solutions are hassle free and easy to use enabling faster transfer, faster recovery and a more secure setup.

How We Do It

CompuSolutionX provides clients with the perfect system and a mix of cloud remote backup as well as on-site solutions in order to provide you with the perfect data recovery system. Since no one can predict when a natural disaster or office calamity might strike, having a data recovery plan can help you stay prepared. With CompuSolutionX’s disaster risk recovery and data back up services, you can easily let us handle your data storage problems and ensure that you get your data back in the fastest, easiest and reliable manner possible.

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